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Pong Phen Restaurant
River Kwai Road
034 512981

Pong Phen Restaurant directions
One of the most popular eating places in town, many people come to Pong Phen to check out the range of Thai and Western food.
Both Thai specialities and your favourites from home, Pong Phen has a reputation for quality and value. Check out the Apple Pie..!!

Snacks, sandwiches, salads and all your home favourites are all available.

Our team also prepare some of Thailand's most famous dishes. Rice dishes, soups, spicy salads, seafood, BBQ, noodles.

They prepare what ever you want !
Our bar is well stocked with both local and international drinks. Local and European beers plus a wide range of spirits and cocktails.

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Pong Phen Restaurant

Pong Phen Restaurant

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