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River Kwai Bridge
River Kwai Bridge

River Kwai Bridge directions
The real name for this famous waterway is actually "Kwae" (pronounced "Kware") and is a tributary of the Mae Klong (Mekong). The bridge over the River Kwai is about 4km (3mi) north from Kanchanaburi, crossing the Kwai Yai river. It was brought from Java by the Japanese Army and was assembled at the River Kwai by the prisoners. It was bombed several times in 1945 and rebuilt after the war. The curved spans of the bridge are the original sections. Over 15,000 war prisoners and nearly 50,000 forced labourers died between 1942-1943, during the construction of the bridge and the Death Railway that leads to Burma.

The railway line was hewn from the solid rock cliff-sides. Workers would lower themselves from the top of the cliff, bore a hole and plant a charge of dynamite in the hole, light the fuse and scurry up the rope. If they didn't get far enough away they didn't stand a Chinaman's chance. At the time of the construction the whole region was jungle and the railway opened the land for cultivation and made transport of produce possible.

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River Kwai Bridge

River Kwai Bridge

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