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Prommitr Film Studio
Tambon Latya
0 2736 2300, 0 3453 2057-8

Prommitr Film Studio directions
Located at Surasi Military Camp, Tambon Latya, Ampheo Mueang Kanchanaburi. The studio has ever been used as a film shooting location of the great historic film ; The Legend of King Naresuan. This trilogy movie reflects the relationship between Ayutthaya and Hongsawadee

Kingdoms before the independent declaration of Ayutthaya by King Nareasuan the Great in 1584. Within the 700-acre compound of wild land, the magnificent buildings have been created upon the meticulous research of the film.

Visitors can enjoy many places of interest and activities within the site such as Yodia Village, Pra Mahatein's Residence, Armed Weapon Storage, Pra Mahatien Temple, Hongsawadee Wall, Lion Throne, Dungeon, Thai Traditional Massage, Protuguese Gun Fire Shooting, Sanphet Prasat Palace, Elephant, Horse and Cart Riding, Ayutthaya Wall, and Props Storage Room.

Visiting Hours : 10 am. - 5 pm. Ticket : 200 baht.

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Prommitr Film Studio

Prommitr Film Studio

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