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Safari Park
Near Bo Phloi

Safari Park directions
Just 40 km from town on the way to Bo Phloi, the Safari Park is a man-made habitat for sevral African & Asian animals - lions, tigers, giraffes, zebras and bears.

The landscaping is beautifully designed and offers great insights into the habits of the animals.

The whole area around the park is highlighted by some beautifully decorated pavilions which house gift shops, cafes and restaurants.

You can tour around the park in your own car but the best way to see the whole grounds is to take one of the park's own buses.

Bowls of food to feed the animals can be bought from the main entrance for just a few Baht.

At the centre of the park is the central pavilion restaurant and show arena.

The restaurant itself sits overlooking a lake and is a good spot for a cold drink before heading off to see one of the many daily animal shows.
Open daily: 9.00am - 6.00pm
Entry Fee: Adults 120 Th.Baht - Children 30 Th.Baht.

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Safari Park

Safari Park

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