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JEATH War Museum
Wat Chai Chumphon

JEATH War Museum directions
JEATH stands for Japan, England, America, Australia, Thailand and Holland, representing the nationalities of the prisoners of war (POW's) who were forced to work on the construction of the famous "Bridge On The River Kwai".
The museum is on the bank of the River, inside Wat Chai Chumphon temple. The present Chief Abbot, the Venerable Phra Theppanyasuthee, takes responsibility for the upkeep of the museum.
This impressive memorial and tribute was established to show actual items that were connected with the construction of the Death Railway by POW's between 1942-1943.

The JEATH Museum structure is an exact copy of the original construction of huts that housed the POW's.
There is a bamboo hut with a collection of photographs displayed.

The museum displays graphic images of the terrible conditions inflicted on the many young men that died and the many that survived to tell the story.
There are also many real accounts written by former POW's, their relatives, friends and authors that interviewed the many prisoners that suffered under the hands of the Imperial Japanese Army.

The museum opens daily at 8.30am and closes at 4.30pm.
Entry Fee is 30Th.Baht.

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JEATH War Museum

JEATH War Museum

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