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Nam Tok Khao Phang or Sai Yok Noi
Nam Tok Khao Phang or Sai Yok Noi

Nam Tok Khao Phang or Sai Yok Noi directions
This waterfall is about 2 kilometers from the present end of the "Death Railway" line which is called Nam-Tok Station. It is about 77 Kms. from Kanchanaburi town. The trip to this place would be interesting for those who like to try on the notorious "Death Railway" route once. The countryside and the landscape are among one of the most beautiful places in Thailand too. However, during the dry season (September-April) there is not much water so you may not enjoy your swimming at the waterfall. Therefore, the best period for playing around in this waterfall should be within the rainy season.

There is local bus service from town to this place every half an hour from 6.45 a.m.- 6.00 p.m. daily trip takes about 2 hours : Riding on the bus to this place is a good sight-seeing for those visitors who have enough time.

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Nam Tok Khao Phang or Sai Yok Noi

Nam Tok Khao Phang or Sai Yok Noi

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