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Prasat Muang Singh Historical Park
Ban Kao

Prasat Muang Singh Historical Park directions
Prasat Muang Singh Historical Park Beyond the Ban Kao Neolithic Museum about 10 Kms. up north, there is "Prasat Muang Singh" ruin, a historical park being renovated by the Fine Art Department to display the Khmer influenced architecture toward this part of Thailand some 700-800 years ago. The archeologists should never miss this site, as it is so interesting and yield quite perfect atmosphere for your study and relaxation within the green park. The entrance fee is Baht 20 per person.

This Khmer temple complex and military outpost, 45 km from Kanchanaburi, was cunstructed during the Lopburi Period 1157 - 1207. Muang Sing (City of Lions) marks the westernmost Cambodian advance of Cambodian power and provides elegant testimony of their vast territoral claims. The 460 rai park was declared a national historic park in 1987. There are four monuments and an exhibition hall. The exhibition hall shows different Buddha images in different styles. All of them were found inside the ancient city. One can go there by motorbike or bus.

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Prasat Muang Singh Historical Park

Prasat Muang Singh Historical Park

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