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Our network of tourism portals are currently attracting in excess of 2,000,000 visitors per year and rising.

If you are interested in advertising on TheRiverKwai.Com, please complete the form below and we will contact you within 24 hours.

The advertising options available are detailed to the right.

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*Listing will not be entered without an image being supplied, unless other arrangement specified. Contact 0870 933 0093 for more information.

** Images to be sent to our webmaster - Websitevision, Mamhead Castle, Mamhead, Exeter, EX6 8HD.

*** Images to be emailed to

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Bronze Package

A Bronze package includes:

- Establishment Name
- Address
- Telephone Number
- Emaill Link

Annual Cost = £20.00 + Vat

Silver Package

A Silver package includes:

- As Bronze, plus
- 25 Word Description
- 1 Photo
- Weblink

Annual Cost = £50.00 + Vat

Gold Package

A Gold package includes:

- As Silver, plus
- 150 Word Description
- 4 Photos
- List of Facilities
- Interactive Mapping System
- Availability Enquiry Form

Annual Cost = £95.00 + Vat

Platinum Package

A Platinum package includes:

- As Gold, plus
- Home Page Feature (randomised) - Limited to 25 entries.
- Search Engine Optimisation

Annual Cost = £250.00 + Vat

Restaurant & Attractions

Restaurants & Attractions advertising will receive:

- Establishment Name
- Full Contact Details
- 150 word description
- 2 photos
- Email & Web Link

Annual Cost = £75.00 + Vat

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